PORTLAND A Portland man was afraid he d lost an irreplaceable family heirloom, until he found out Wednesday police had tracked down his father's stolen gun collection.

Police told Vietnam veteran Randal Snider that they were able to arrest the suspect and recover the guns, thanks to a tip they received.

The guns were taken from his Portland home in May. The muzzle loaders and antique guns had been handed down from Snider's late father.

These are guns and powder horns, Snider said. There is no way to replace them. They are part of my heritage and my feelings for my father.

The suspect was trying to sell the guns and detectives set up a sting to get them back. Officers arrested 30-year-old Joseph McGrew and charged him with burglary and theft.

The two men knew each other because McGrew's father had done some handyman work for Snider.

Snider said he planned to buy a gun safe as soon as the stolen property was back in his hands.

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