PORTLAND Temperatures were expected to 'cool off' -- all the way down to 87 degrees -- Monday after a weekend that included the hottest day in three years.

The temperature at Portland International Airport set a record of 102 degrees Saturday, making it the hottest day since July 2009.

Sunday was a little cooler but still reached a high of 93 degrees. The National Weather Service.issued a Special Weather Statement warning about the heat: People sensitive to heat, such as the elderly and those who do strenuous exercise or work outside, should be prepared for unseasonably warm conditions, the statement read.

National Weather Service warning

An excessive heat watch was in effect Saturday afternoon and evening, and the temperature hit 100 by 4 p.m. The heat then climbed to 102 degrees, a temperature PDXhad not seen in three years.

The heat broke a record of 100 degrees for the day, set in 1990, according to KGWmeteorologist Jim Donovan. Salem and Vancouver reached 103 degrees Saturday. McMinnville hit 102. Even the coast was much warmer than usual, with Astoria temps getting up to 92 and a high of 86 in Newport, Donovan said.

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Saturday's NWS heat watch warned that area waterways will likely be crowded people should remain vigilant and take all possible safety precautions. While the waterways were as full as predicted, there were no reports of serious injuries or fatalities on area streams and rivers.

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Donovan said cooler and pleasant weather would return by the middle of the week, with highs back down to the low-80s by Wednesday.

He said while 102 seemed unbearable, Portland actually hit 107 degrees in the summer of 1967.

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