PORTLAND -- The hot, dry 7-day forecast proves the old adage that summer in Portland really begins on the 5th of July, and we could hit 90 by the 8th.

The marine layer will burn off and the skies will become sunny everywhere with warm to hot temps, KGW Meteorologist Nick Allard said Friday morning. The highs in the valley today will be in the mid-80s with sunshine.

And the temperatures just head upward from there.

Tomorrow the pattern will keep getting warmer with highs jumping into the upper-80s, he said. We'll hit 90 degrees or higher on Sunday and possibly again on Monday.


Although the skies are expected to remain clear, Allard said there was still a possibility of thunderstorms over the weekend.

The best chance for storms will be in the mountains, but it's possible the valley could pick up a storm as well especially on Sunday.

He said temps should cool down toward the end of next week, but not by much; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will probably stay in the 80s.

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