PORTLAND - Oregon's craft beer industry is having a growth spurt, not only in the Pacific Northwest, but all across the country.

Some said it's so hot that you could call the Rose City the craft brew center of the nation, and the world for that matter.

Portland has more breweries than any other city in the country. And that will likely continue. From nano to micro to regional breweries, the number is growing.

Gigantic Brewing is the newest micro brewery. It started producing a couple of months ago, and already opened a pub at 5224 SE 26Th. This is an example of what's happening around the country. There are 2051 craft breweries across the country with many more in the planning stages.

Here on the West Coast, California, Washington and Oregon have led the way when it comes to the number of barrels produced.

We've had six years of double-digit growth in the craft brewing segment, said Brian Butenschoen, Executive Director for the Oregon Brewers Guild.

We have become part of the identity of this state, in the way that the douglas fir, the salmon and the craft beer - sure the wineries too, Gigantic Brewing's Van Havig said.

Other breweries in Oregon have been expanding as well. Widmer Brothers is investing $3 million to install four new fermentation tanks. It's another vote of confidence the economy is improving, as well as the thirst for locally brewed beer.

Oregon craft beer accounts for 30% of all beer sales in the state.

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