The ads were persuasive.

Once my Skecher Shape-ups are on snug and comfy I m toning my muscles, strengthening my core, burning calories, said a fitness model in one ad.

The marketing campaign worked.

Portland waterfront walking buddies Roberta Hendershot and Lauri Nelson liked what they heard.

You see the advertisements of walking, just walking and being able to tone your body -- everybody wants to have a toned body so it was like 'hey let s give this a shot,' Hendershot said.

It s no accident that Skechers targeted women with many of their commercials.

Women are one of the biggest purchasers of products for a family, said Becky Engel, an advertising account director for Grady Britton in Portland.

She says women may intellectually question the shoe's quick fix message but are still susceptible to the commercials on a deeper level.

I think everybody at their core has an emotional response when they see someone that they admire and a product that they're promoting, she said.

Despite the settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, not everyone with Skechers wants their money back.

Sarah prince spends most of her days in high heels. But when she's home, she puts on her Skechers.

Trying those out it seemed like 'oh, I can feel this, you know it felt a little different than a flatter tennis shoe.' So I could feel different muscles but I wasn t really relying on it to change my life completely, she said.

Back out on the waterfront, Laurie and Roberta both decided the Skechers felt too tippy for them but the ad campaign definitely got their attention.

Well just to be able to be getting toned while you're just walking around is fabulous so that certainly did it for me. And the gals look great so,you bet! said Nelson.

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