VANCOUVER, Wash. -- It's been called the hardest job you'll ever do -- looking for a job.

Local colleges are helping this week.From resume critiques to interview skills along with job fairs.

Getting the job starts with your attitude and your resume.

But, so many people today start off with why they're not getting the job, rather than what they have to offer a new employer.

During Clark College's annual Career Days event, local hiring managers spent Tuesday helping people fine tune that sheet of paper that could get their foot in the door and an interview and that could lead to a new job.

Experts say keep your resume to one page, no more than two. It must be clean and neat and pay attention to spelling and grammar.

We want to know their accomplishments, achievements what it is they did at their previous employer and why we'd want to hire them, said Jeffery Graham, Human Resources manager for UNFI in Richfield.

All hiring managers say tailor your resume for the job you are after. Use key words on your resume and cover letter that are relevant to the job you hope to land.

Tell me what you did in those jobs, because in an interview their going to ask you, 'Tell me about a time, give me an example when,' and you're going to be able to pull from this. to what you've done in the past that will apply to the job, said Sheri Michalak, talent recruiter for Daimler Trucks North America.

Michalak suggest converting your resume to a PDF,so everything stays the way you intended when it's sent by email.

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