WASHINGTON D.C. -- First Lady Michelle Obama was perfectly clear Monday about her allegiance to Oregon State University.

She sat beside Jill Biden for an interview about the Joining Forces initiative to aid military families. As the session was wrapping up, she was asked about Oregon State University, where her brother Craig Robinson is the basketball coach, and where she'll deliver the commencement address this year.

I'm a Beaver Believer, the First Lady said. It's in our family. I mean, what, I couldn't face my brother at Christmas if I said I were a Duck. I can't be a Duck. I have to be a Beaver.

Obama said she's still working on the graduation speech.

You know, I haven't worked on the speech yet but I generally try to provide an uplifting message. I mean, these young men and women are stepping out. They're going to be our next leaders. I want to make sure they're fired up and ready to get out there. I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be fun.

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