PORTLAND -- The Oregon Zoo wants you to dig through attics and basements for goodies from the past related to Packy the elephant, who turns the big 5-0 on April 14.

The elephant made worldwide news in 1962 as the first elephant born in captivity in 44 years. The 225-pound bundle of joy came into the world just before 6 a.m.

Photos:Packy - then & now

We know visitors love Packy and the rest of the zoo s Asian elephant herd, said Kim Smith, zoo director. We re hoping some of their experiences from the past 50 years are saved on film, and that they re willing to share memorabilia and stories with us.

Smith has heard of a quilt made for the baby elephant. Surely there are Super 8 movies, sepia-toned photos and View Master reels out there too.

The zoo wants to borrow the items for the 50th birthday party, and hopefully keep some of them in a permanent exhibit.

The zoo would also like to hear Packy stories, especially from people who were also born on an April 14.

Stories may be posted to the zoo s Facebook page, e-mailed, or mailed to the Oregon Zoo, 4001 SW Canyon Rd., Portland, OR 97221.

E-mail questions regarding donations, contributions or Packy stories.

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