ESTACADA, Ore. -- Like most boys his age, Lliam Baird likes toy guns. He likes them so much that he brought one with him when he wandered out of the house.

Going out for bad guys, Lliam said.

Sometime between midnight and four o'clock Thursday morning, 7-year-old Lliam dressed in all black and left his Estacada home all alone.

I took two books and one Nerf gun with some extra bullets, he said, in case he found any bad guys.

Fortunately Lliam did not find any bad guys on the streets of Estacada, but he did find a real life crime fighter: A police officer who brought him home.

We had no idea he was gone until my husband opened the door and there was him and a police officer, said Tyra Baird.

His mom did a little police work of her own and found out that Lliam and his buddies had thought of the idea on the school playground.

He's got a lot more courage than Iknew, Tyra said.

That may be a good thing, but leaving in the middle of the night is not. Tyra took Lliam to thePortland PoliceBureau for a crash course on policing.

The youngest age to be a police officer is to be 21, Lliam said happily.

Lliam hopes to be a police officer or FBIagent when he grows up. He promises not to sneak out again before that.

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