PORTLAND -- Several hundred protesters set up camp and a party in the park blocks Saturday, hoping to re-ignite the Occupy Portland movement with music and celebration.

But their plans were cut short after police forced them out of the park just two hours later.

The group did not obtain a permit for the event, or permission to camp in the parks.

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Police in riot gear remove protesters from Park Blocks

Protesters said they were disappointed that the city didn't give them a break like last time.

As far as I'm concerned it was a failure because so many people got hurt and the police were so in the wrong, said a protester who went by the name, Lucky. He also claimed several protesters were pepper-sprayed by police.

Portland police have denied those allegations and said there were no serious injuries. KGW also video-taped most of the 19 arrests and did not witness any pepper spray.

Eventually a large group returned to the same park at 1 a.m. Sunday morning and cranked up the music again.

We went ahead and had a dance party and enjoyed ourselves, said a protester named Mike. The last word we got was Sam Adams would rather have us in the park than running willy nilly in the streets.

Occupy Portland spokesman Jordan LeDoux earlier told the AP that having a camp would provide a place for demonstrators to focus their efforts and engage the public.

In a tweet Sunday, Mayor Adams called that private dance party in a public space a low point of the Occupy Portland movement. A woman named Maggie who lives across the street from the park said the racket kept her up all night. What are they doing?, said Maggie. Show us some good because I don't see any!

Portland State Sociology professor Randy Blazak said the protesters' mission to stay on point about our nation's economic injustices is no easy task.

It's not about occupying land, that's the danger. That's what is now happening, said Blazak. People think it's just a movement about taking over parks and that's just the gimmick to get attention.

There was another protest march Sunday, but this time no attempt at camping.

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