PORTLAND -- Faced with salary cap issues and a favorable 'amnesty' clause in a recent agreement with the union, the Blazers are reportedly looking to get rid of fan favorite Brandon Roy.

Oregonian columnist, radio host and KGW contributor John Canzano reports that an unnamed league executive said Blazer owner Paul Allen and and his top aide Bert Kolde are calling the shots on dumping Roy.

The amnesty clause in the latest collective bargaining agreement between owners and players allows a team to waive one player without absorbing the salary cap hit.

Brandon's out, the league executive told Canzano.

Roy's presence has taken two turns for the Blazers and fans. Injuries have diminished his skills, but his heroics, and his legacy as a three-time All Star, have cemented fan adoration.

The news did not sit well with Blazer Wesley Matthews, who spoke with Canzano on 750 The Game.

Even though Matthews replaced Roy in the starting line-up, Matthews said he put us on his back. He's still Brandon Roy. He's still got plenty of basketball in him.

Fans have also reportedly vented their anger via social media.

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