PORTLAND -- Police have raided three vacant Northeast Portland homes taken over by anarchists who claimed they were part of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Police were tipped off about the situation Sunday. Responding officers found that the squatters had changed the locks on the homes. Police said it looked like the squatters were ready for battle.

Inside the homes, police found anarchist literature, drugs and weapons, including machetes.

Photos: Anarchists take over NEPortland homes

There's the body armor in there, the bucket of projectiles: broken up concrete, rocks, Portland Police Sgt. Jeff McDaniel told KGW. There was some body-armor-type stuff for someone who might want to fight the police for one of the protests.

But he explained that most of the protesters were non-violent.

The sad thing is they re trying to associate themselves with the Occupy movement, which has basically been peaceful, he said. But this clearly shows that [the anarchists] truly want to come down there and cause problems.

The owners of the homes asked that the addresses not be released.

Police detained one man found inside a home. He said he had lived there for a week. He was given a warning for trespassing.

Neighbors said the homes had been vacant for about three years and squatters had been removed at least one time before. Police are working with the homeowners to avoid any additional problems in the future.

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