SALEM -- A Salem officer made a surprise visit Thursday to two children who were attacked and had their candy stolen while trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Micheal Harper, 13, said he went trick-or-treating for five hours with his sister, 10-year-old Michelle and they managed to collect quite a bit of candy on Halloween night. But the kids said that after all that work, two older boys attacked them.

They grabbed my sister's candy bag and dragged her a few feet before she let go of her bag and they punched me in the ribs, Micheal said.

The bullies stole their candy and also took part of Michelle's Halloween costume.

They stole her witch hat and one of her shoes and ran off, Michael said. I felt bad when my sister started crying, she was really scared.

On Thursday, some members of the community donated candy and cash to police, after hearing about what happened to the Harpers.

Then, an officer showed up at the Harpers' doorstep with a big surprise. When Michael and Michelle came to the door, he gave them a gift of more than 10 pounds of candy and some cash to buy new costumes for next year.

The officer told the surprised siblings that some people in Salem heard about what happened to them and didn't think it was fair - so they wanted to do what they could to help.

The children were not with an adult when the incident happened around 9 p.m. Monday night. They told KGWThursday that they won't let this deter them from trick-or-treating next year, but they will always ask an adult to join them in the future.

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