PORTLAND - A new poll finds most drivers in Oregon ignore speed limit signs on the freeway.

Deputies agree drivers routinely see a 50 mile an hour speed limit sign and speed past it going at least 60 miles an hour.

And according to a new poll conducted by Seattle based Pemco insurance, Oregonians think they can go close to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit and avoid being pulled over.

Oregonians for whatever reason believe that the police will kind of wink and look the other way when you're driving faster than people in Washington believe, spokesman Jon Oserberg said.

The poll found in Oregon, two-thirds of registered drivers believe they can add a few miles per hour over the legal speed limit while driving on the interstates without being stopped.

More than half admitted they add as much as nine miles-per-hour above the speed limit.

In Washington, many said they only travel around four miles per hour over the legal speed limit.

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