PORTLAND --- An estimated 3,000 to 4,000 people rallied and marched on downtown Portland streets, marking the 10-year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.

Organized in part by Portland Peace and Justice Works, the event aimed to tie economic problems with America's ongoing wars.

Certainly I ve been opposed to the Iraq war since the get go as a stupid start to a war about weapons of mass destruction that didn t exist and connections to terrorists that weren t there, said David Lifton.

At the rally in the south park blocks, people held signs representing a variety of causes, displaying opposition to the war, economic and social injustice, and corporate greed. And there were plenty of people with Occupy Portland welcomed into the mix, as well.

Police knew organizers' plans and helped control traffic, as the large group marched down and stopped for a while at the 'Occupy Portland' encampment at Lownsdale Park.

Karen Kelsky, visiting from Eugene, looked on and smiled.

Totally believe in it, she said. It s about time that Americans take to the streets and start protesting what s happening to our country.

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