Beaverton, Ore. -- Kyron Horman turned seven on September 9th, and his father Kaine threw him a party.

Kyron has been missing since he disappeared fromSkyline Elementary on June 4, 2010. No suspects have been named in the case.

It s a rough day, they all are. We re just trying to get together and celebrate and do it as a group, said Kaine Horman as he helped set up the celebration at Big Al s Bowling.

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The boy s father has never given up the belief his son is alive, and possibly taken from the area.

This party, like other events, is also a way to raise awareness about Kyron, and the effort to find him.

It also helps to be with family, friends and supporters.

I know a lot of people remember but just to get together and collectively hold each other up while we go through this, and try to do something positive along the way, said Horman.

The party on Friday included bowling, games, face painting and other activities. Mohawks were also being offered, and Kaine Horman got one.

He says it was a running joke he shared with Kyron, his son always asked for one, when Kaine cut his hair.

It s kind of what we did every time we got our haircuts and stuff, so we just had this idea to do that today and all of us get Mohawks in his honor, said Horman.

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