PORTLAND - A federal affidavit reveals the suspect in a Corvallis mosque arson posted several comments on Facebook about a Portland terrorism suspect.

Federal agents said 28-year-old Cody Crawford firebombed an Islamic center and mosque in Corvallis last fall.

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The November 28th arson attack came just two days after federal agents arrested Mohamed Mohamud for an alleged terror plot targeting Portland's Christmas tree-lighting in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

The affidavit shows Crawford deactivated his Facebook account on November 28th, about an hour after police first questioned him. The FBI still managed to track down several recent posts from Crawford's profile.

A November 28th post by Crawford reads: this guy on the news was a really bad guy! he went to the mosque right in front of my house here in Corvallis ... I even remember when he walked by my house one time, with two guys that looked like cops, i see them there every week.

It was reported that Mohamud occasionally attended services in the Corvallis Islamic Center.

The affidavit asked for access to Facebook's neoprint for Crawford, which is an expanded view of Crawford's profile showing all information and activity related to his account.

The affidavit says the neoprint is stored at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Federal investigators also said crawford did several Internet searches on the mosque arson and Mohamud's arrest.

KGWReporter Collette Wieland contributed to this report

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