PORTLAND A bogus job listing posted on Craigslist recently fooled some people who thought they were applying for a customer relations job at Frontier Airlines.

Stephanie McKenna told KGW her unemployment benefits were about to run out and she was desperate for work. So she searched Craigslist for jobs.

She was excited to find a listing for a position in customer service at the Frontier counter at PDX that paid $12.65 an hour and she eagerly responded.

I thought, Oh my God! A chance for an airline job, she recalled.

A week later, McKenna got an email reply that encouraged her to download and fill out an application, which had a Frontier Airlines logo. The application asked for all of her private information and she vigilantly filled out everything except her date of birth.

I got scammed and I want everyone out there to know it, so it doesn t happen to them. It doesn t have to include money, she said.

Frontier and most other legitimate companies require applicants to log into a secure Web site when sharing personal information. However, this application did not.

McKenna later saw the red flags and feared that the scam could lead to her becoming an identity theft victim.

Oregon Employment officials warned that, in most cases, it s against the law for an employer to ask for a date of birth or driver s license information until after a person has been hired.

(KGWreporter Ed Teachout contributed to this report.)

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