CORBETT, Ore. The owner of the View Point Inn was working Friday on a last-minute plan to save the historic Columbia Gorge hotel and restaurant, which was destroyed in a fire Sunday.

Photos: Fire damages historic View Point Inn

Just hours before the bankrupt owner was scheduled to hand over the keys, he said he would try to sell it back to his partner.

The owner, Geoff Thompson was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and had let the insurance lapse.

Thursday a bankruptcy judge ordered him to hand over the keys to the trustee by Friday.

Friday his partner, Angelo Simione, hoped to buy the inn back from that trustee.

Meanwhile dozens of couples who paid for weddings are left in a bind.

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Thompson said he had hoped to reschedule the weddings, but blamed the trustee for keeping that from happening.

Home Depot announced it would be donating materials to repair the inn, and Vanguard Restoration has provided more than $20,000 in work, free of charge.

Simione did not go into detail about how he planned to get the money to purchase the inn.

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