PORTLAND-- After 7-year old Kyron Horman disappeared from his Portland school, both his mother and stepmother appeared to console each other at a news conference while the family asked the public for help. But soon after that time his stepmother Terri Horman became a person of interest in the investigation. Since then she hasn t been seen much at all.

Timeline: Search for Kyron Horman

She hired a high profile attorney and now lives a rather secluded life at her parent's home in Roseburg.

KGW wanted to talk to Terri, but signs posted on the house warn the media to stay away.

She's not under arrest or charged with any crime. She has not been named as a suspect. There may be suspicion, but Terri Horman is free to do whatever she wants.

That infuriates Kyron's mom, who lives in Medford.

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I've been driving up the freeway going to Portland and I've seen her, said Desiree Young. I'm like, 'You have got to be kidding me!'

Desiree Young refused to say her son is dead. But her words to Terri may be closer to revealing her inner thoughts.

You shouldn t get to breathe the outside air or see the sun, she said. Kyron doesn t get to. That makes me very angry sometimes.

Investigators can put little direct pressure on Terri Horman. But behind the scenes detectives dig into every part of her life.

Photos: Missing boy Kyron Horman

Sources told KGW they were looking into a fire in the family's garage 20 years ago that they now believe may have been arson, a sign the investigators are poring over every aspect of Terri s life.

The justice system can do little to pressure Terri Horman. But Young can pressure her, and she has. Just outside of Roseburg along Interstate 5, a large billboard shows five pictures of Kyron and a note from his mom: I promise I will find you. I will never stop .

Young says it's for Kyron, but also for Terri.

I just have to remind her, Young said. We're still here.

Winchester Salon sits under the sign and hums with the latest news of the day--the Schwarzenegger separation--but the story of Kyron is never far from the thoughts of its patrons.

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I think it was more talked about, said Louise Shirek, who has worked at Winchester for 35 years. But everybody notices the signs around more, now.

Shirek was reluctant to place blame, saying, It s pretty hard to convict somebody until you find the body.

Her daughter, Cindy Makinson, agreed, noting it was odd to have Terri Horman suddenly living in their community.

I'm not going to point and say mean thingsto her, Makinson told KGW, because if they had enough evidence against her they'd be putting her in jail.

Desiree Young said she still believes Terri Horman was very much involved.

She did something with him. She kidnapped him, Young said. I know how Terri felt and I just think she was extremely angry that day and very upset and she'd hit her limit.

Complete Coverage: The search for Kyron Horman

Terri Horman is free to live her life with as much privacy as she can find. But the story of her missing stepson brings attention to her where ever she goes.

Desiree Young lives every day of her life hoping her son will walk back into her life.

We're not going to stop, she said, and we are going to find him.

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