PORTLAND - Get ready for a warmer and drier spring -- after one of the coldest and wettest Aprils in Oregon's history.

It was the coldest recorded April in more than three decades, forecasters said. Temperatures struggled to get even into the mid-50s.

April was also officially the third-wettest in Portland history.

KGW Meteorologist NickAllard said rain would continue through Saturday morning, with chilly temps not breaking out of the low 50s. There would also be the possibility of thunderstorms and hail.

But Saturday afternoon should see some drying and sunbreaks with rising temps.

Local weather records have fallen as hard as the rain this spring.

March 2011 had also earned the distinction of being the fifth-rainiest on record, with 6.49 inches recorded at PDX Airport.

It took until the last day of March for Portland finally reach 60 degrees -- the latest date in recorded weather history for the city to top the 60-degree mark.

Before this year, March 27 was the latest into the year before reaching the 60-degree point.

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