AURORA, Ore. --A dozen customers of Top-O-Hill RV Service Center in Aurora have filed formal complaints with the Oregon Department of Justice over consignment contracts.

The complaints range from Top-O-Hill selling their RV but not paying them any money for the sale to a camper trailer disappearing without the owner notified where it is or if it has been sold.

John Burkey signed a contract with Top-O-Hill to sell his Hi-Lo camper trailer under a consignment agreement several months ago. When he called a month ago to see if it had sold, he got the bad news.

They said, oh we're not doing consignments. We notified everybody to get their trailers out of here. We don't do that anymore, recalled John Burkey. And I said, well you didn't notify me.

Burkey said he went to Top-O-Hill RV's lot on Highway 99E east of Aurora the very next morning. My camper was gone, completely gone and nobody would tell me anything, said Burkey.

Burkey said he contacted the former mechanic for Top-O-Hill who had left his number on the office door but he had little information.

KGW spoke with the mechanic who didn't want to his name used in this story, but said, I had nothing to do with RV sales and I don't know anything about any of the consignment contracts. I thought all the owners of the RVs that had not sold were contacted and they had come and picked them up.

Patrick Boyd also had a consignment contract for Top-O-Hill to sell his 23-foot fifth wheel.

They sold it to some guy in Alaska but haven't paid me a dime for it, said Boyd. We filed a complaint with the DMV and they told me I could re-coup my money from the Top-O-Hill business bond so I've hired an attorney but so far we've seen nothing.

The Top-O-Hill sign in front of the large empty lot on one side says, Thanks for 22 years, and on the other side, We'll miss you Bill. The owner, Bill Workman, died at a local hospital February 2nd due to an illness.

KGW has left e-mails and tried to leave messages at the number listed on Top-O-Hill's parts Web site. The voice mail is full and so far, no one has returned our e-mails. Messages have also been left with an attorney who Burkey said was representing the Workman estate but KGW has yet to get any returned calls.

KGW Consumer Reporter Ed Teachout said, bottom line, anytime you hand over anything to someone else to sell, you're at risk at losing it all.

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