PORTLAND, Ore. -- The National Weather Service said an increasingly unstable atmosphere created scattered and sometimes severe thunderstorms across the Portland metro area Tuesday afternoon.

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Heavy rain, winds, hail lightning were reported. There were no reports of funnel clouds, NWS said.

KGWChief Meteorologist Matt Zaffino reported several lightning strikes on the east side.

An earlier high wind warning had beaches and headlands of South Washington, North Oregon, and Central Oregon seeing 30 to 40 mph with heavier gusts.

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KGWFacebook fans were reporting in from around the area, saying heavy rain and winds were hitting fromTillamook toClackamas.

The surf zone on the coast was also expected to remain choppy and chaotic, NWS said. Debris and large logs would likely wash ashore.

Peak gusts in Portland during Sunday's storm were reported at 52 mph. Gusts of 57 mph were recorded in Eugene, 54 mph in Salem.

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