PORTLAND -- An alarming new drug banned in other states is making its way into Pacific Northwest emergency rooms. It s called bath salt and users are smoking and snorting it.

But doctors say it's far from a cheap thrill. They say it can cause a psychotic reaction.

These Bath Salts are for sale in some Portland smokeshops.

This is not one of those drugs you should try and tell your friends, it's cool, said Dr. Zane Horowitz, director of the Oregon Poison Center.

Besides bath salts , the white powder goes by White Lightning, Ivory Wave, and a host of other names.

But if you ask James Baldwin, of Galveston, Texas, it's deadly. If you are doing it, stop, said Baldwin. If you haven't done it, don't.

James Baldwin's son, Joey, killed himself. He blames bath salts.

While the main ingredient is an amphetamine, doctors say it can create a psychotic, hallucinogenic reaction, followed by a severe case of depression.

Baldwin even blamed bath salts in his suicide letter. I saw the signs. Maybe I could've stopped it, I don't know, it read.

The Oregon Pharmacy Board hopes to look at banning bath salts at its next meeting.

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