PORTLAND, Ore. -- If you're a PGE and Northwest Natural customer you may soon be getting a report card in the mail as part of a pilot program to motivate residents to conserve energy.

The project is a collaborative effort between PGE and Northwest Natural and Energy Trust of Oregon. Their goal is to use a little friendly competition to motivate people to conserve energy.

About 60,000 customers chosen at random have either received or will receive a personal energy report in the mail.

The report not only shows customers how much energy they used last month, but it also shows them how much energy they used in comparison to their neighbors.

A graph shows whether the customer is using more or less energy than their neighbors are using. Many customers like Jennifer McNabb, who prides herself on being energy efficient, appreciate the comparison.

I feel good about the energy I use and the effort I put in, but to actually see whether or not it makes a difference would be nice and maybe make you work more toward cutting more electricity, said McNabb.

Although it s just a pilot program right now, Energy Trust of Oregon says if it proves successful it will expand.

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