CORVALLIS, Ore. -- An ESPN oversized Lee Corso Game Day mascot head that was reported stolen the day of the Civil War was recovered Monday.

Two UO dropouts were arrested on theft charges in the case.

Oregon State Police Lieutenant Jeff Lanz said an Oregon State University employee found the mascot head near his Harrisburg-area home.

ESPN employees said the $5,000 prop was last seen in a large container at the OSU Memorial Union Quad while employees were clearing the Game Day set.

OSP troopers said 26-year-old August Cuneo was walking by the Game Day broadcast location when he took the mascot head, and later hid it in some bushes until 25-year-old Alexander Westerberg arrived in a car.

The two drove to Eugene but OSP said after having second thoughts, the mascot head was dropped off where it was found this morning by an OSU employee in Harrisburg near his car.

The two had attended the University of Oregon but did not graduate from there.

Anyone with information regarding this theft investigation is asked to call the Oregon State Police OSU office (541) 737-3010.

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