PORTLAND, Ore. -- Late Monday evening, Portland city leaders and dozens from the Somali community filed out of City Hall's Rose Room. For nearly two hours both sides discussed the tension in the metro area in the wake of this weekend's foiled bombing at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

It was an excellent meeting, said Somali community member Fuisil Olol. The mayor gave us assurance.

After the FBIarrested Mohamed Mohamud for allegedly trying to bomb Portland's living room, members of the Somali community said they were afraid. They were concerned over possible retribution against themselves, their mosques, even their children inside the classroom.

Mayor Sam Adams said retribution of any kind will not be tolerated.

We're committed to getting through this to the other end, added the mayor.

Community is what Shukri Osman is all about.She was born in Somalia, a practicing Muslim, but she has lived in the Rose City for more than two decades.

We definitely want to contribute, said Osman. We want to be your lawyers and your doctors.

Osman said be sure to keep that in mind when you think about Mohamud, a man she believes lost his way.

This kid grew up in a loving family and in a really, really loving home, she added.

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