PORTLAND -- Kaine Horman had harsh words Monday morning for Terri Moulton Horman, speaking at the 'Wall of Hope' hours after Kyron Horman's mother Desiree Young lashed out at Terri in an interview on NBC's Today show.

We're dealing with someone who is a master of deception, misdirection, and she's bringing it forward in spades, Kaine said of Terri during a press conference at the boy's 'Wall of Hope.'

Kaine said that, since the investigation began, he's heard directly from friends and family about conversations they had with Terri.

He said he realized too late, after he and Terri were no longer together, that she was crafting an image of her relationship with him and children in their household that was untrue.

Kaine told reporters that a good example of Terri's deception was her alcoholism. She hid it from him well, he said.

It's only the tip of the iceberg of her flaws, he said.

On the Today show, Desiree Young said Kyron hated going back to Portland after visiting her in Medford, something she wishes she had seen as a sign of trouble. She and Kaine talked about the boy's emotions, she said.

At the press conference, Kaine said he had not watched the Today Show and was filled in by reporters.

He acknowledged the boy's unhappiness about moving between the two homes. Kyron would be unhappy about it, but Kaine said he considered the child's behavior a normal part of separation anxiety.

He and Desiree spoke about the child's emotions but Kaine said it was not something he thought required a change in custody arrangements. At the end of the summer when Kyron returned to Medford for a weekend, he said he would rather stay in Portland, Kaine said.

Kaine said Kiara misses her brother. She used to read while sitting in a bean bag chair, and Kryon would sit on the bed and read. She still sits on the bean bag to read, wondering why her brother is not there, he said.

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