WILSONVILLE, Ore Two Wilsonville High School football players were carried off the field within minutes of each other Friday night.

Play in the first half against Portland's Wilson High was stopped for more than 20 minutes while paramedics strapped Danny Leece to a backboard.

Coach Adam Guenther said Leece suffered a severe concussion, slipped vertebrae and broken ribs.

The game resumed and as interception started in motion Wilsonville senior Gabriel Carbajal collided head on, leaving him motionless on the field.

Both Carbajal and Lecce were hospitalized.

It's been twelve years since Wilsonville High's football coach and his team had such a frightening night. But he's never had two serious injuries on his team within minutes of each other.

We love to play a game that can get violent at times the collisions, the contact can get pretty intense, Guenther said. And some of those collisions can become violent. It's the nature of the game.

Guenther said both players were in top shape and using all the right safety gear.

While he said high school football players are stronger and faster than ever before, he added that's not why these players were hurt.

Two plays where our kids got hurt. It was just freak accidents, he said.

Both players were discharged from Dornbecher Hospital and were recovering at home.

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