Holiday travelers this year had better brace themselves for airline fares that are soaring as fast as a passenger jet -- mainly because of those add-on fees, including one in particular.

And one of the new fees that they've all snuck in is a fee for peak travel days , warned Bill McGee, a travel consultant for Consumer Reports.

Fees like that have led to a serious review by federal regulators.

For the first time in a decade, the Secretary of Transportation is looking at changing the regulations about what the airlines have to tell us when we're buying airline tickets , said Charlie Leocha of the Consumer Travel Alliance.

But action before the Holidays isn't likely.

Travel experts say there will be plenty of peak travel days between Thanksgiving and New Years, adding to the increased cost of flying.

You can expect to pay more than last year. And therefore the number of seats that are going to be available at a lower price is a finite number and you really want to start booking earlier than you have in the past , said McGee.

Booking earlier, as in right now.

Popular advice is to go online, look for an airline's peak travel chart, then just avoid booking flights those days.

And if at all possible, choose to fly on the holiday itself.

Thanksgiving day is one of the lightest airline travel days of the entire year , said Bill McGee. Christmas Day is as well. If you are able to leave on the morning of the holiday, those are usually your best bets

Early October is the latest you're likely to find bargain fares to fly around the Holidays.

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