VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver woman said she went into seclusion after she saw a composite drawing of the suspect in what turned out to be a hoax acid attack.

She told KGW that when she saw the drawing, she saw the similarities and went into hiding.

Bethany Storro, 28, claimed that an African-American woman with hair pulled back into a ponytail had thrown a cup of acid in her face in downtown Vancouver on Aug. 30th. Several days later, police released a composite sketch.

Actually, that first weekend after the drawing became available, said Leann Johnson, I went out Friday night and did some shopping and didn't go out the rest of the weekend because I was concerned.

After that, Johnson said she was hyper-vigilant in terms of my surroundings and awareness.

She couldn't help but notice that people paused to look at her.

I don't know what their motivations were around that, she said of people looking at her, but I did feel vulnerable, and I was concerned that I would be either asked or accosted in some way.

Johnson said she does not feel outraged by the episode. But for Storro to fabricate an African-American as an attacker tells her that racism remains a problem.

While in the hospital, head entire head bandaged, Storro wondered aloud before the media what might be going through the head of her attacker that day.

On Thursday, police announced that Storro told detectives she made up the story about the attack and a day later, her parents apologized on her behalf for the fabrication and the harm it had caused.

Johnson's reaction to the apology?

If its intended for somebody like me who felt vulnerable as a result, then yes, I accept that apology

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