PORTLAND -- For weeks, a parade of witnesses came and went from the Multnomah County Courthouse.

Kyron Horman's parents testified before a grand jury along with others surrounding the seven year old's disappearance.

Since then, there's been little news from this secret panel.

In addition, a judge's order restricting any photography of witnesses coming and going from the grand jury room has expired.

So does this mean the Grand jury is done? Probably not, said former Multnomah County prosecutor Jim McIntyre.

He said grand jury term can be extended for weeks, months or even years. Jurors are essentially on stand-by as the investigation moves forward.

It's really not that uncommon with a complex unsolved case to keep the grand jury going and bring them back and bring people back in to testify when you need them or when you develop new evidence or leads, he said.

Kyron Horman disappeared from Northwest Portland's Skyline School on June 4th.

Since then, investigators have sifted through thousands of leads and worked to build a case.

We still don't have the answer to what happened to Kyron, said McIntyre. The issue is, what charges are you going to ask the grand jury to return, and then against whom, and I think they are probably still very much sorting that out.

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