GOVERNMENT CAMP -- Seventy-three years after Franklin D. Roosevelt's public works program funded the construction of Timberline Lodge, new stimulus money will ensure the historic building stays around for future generations.

More than $4 million was planned for various improvement and remodeling projects through the rest of summer and fall.

Chimneys will be brought up to seismic code, aging windows will be replaced in guest rooms and the entire lodge will be getting a fresh coat of paint.

The building will remain open during construction, which should be complete by mid-October. A total of $18 million dollars of stimulus money was to be spent on Mount Hood.

The 1937 cost of construction was just under $700,000. At the time, it was the largest 20th century public building constructed entirely by hand. Skilled workers during the time were paid 90 cents an hour.

Timberline was constructed primarily from Douglas fir and rock from the Mount Hood region.

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