PORTLAND -- Former Vice President Al Gore has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in the case of an alleged sexual assault of a massage therapist in Portland, the Portland Police and Multnomah County District Attorney announced Friday.

Massage therapist Molly Hagerty had claimed that Gore sexually abused her in 2006.

The investigative file was reviewed by my senior deputy district attorney in charge of sexual assault prosecution and by one of my chief deputy district attorneys, Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk said. They have recommended to me that there be no criminal prosecution and I concur.

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Mr. Gore unequivocally and emphatically denied this accusation when he first learned of its existence three years ago, Gore said in a statement Friday. He respects and appreciates the thorough and professional work of the Portland authorities and is pleased that this matter has now been resolved.

Last week detectives traveled to San Francisco to interview Gore. He denied any wrongdoing about his encounter with a massage therapist at the HotelLucia hotel during a visit to fundraiser for Governor Ted Kulongoski, sources told KGW.

An investigation summary document showed Hagerty said she called Gore immediately after the alleged incident and told him to 'dream of redheaded women,' seemingly in contradiction to her assertions that she was terrified of Mr. Gore.

Documents:Police investigation (PDF)

Forensic tests of pants kept by Hagerty as possible evidence also tested negative for forensic evidence.

Investigators said Hagerty also failed to provide other records related to the case, failed a polygraph test and was paid by the National Enquirer for her story.

In a July 22 interview with Portland Police, Gore said he could not recall anything unusual about the massage he received in Portland on October 24, 2006 and remembered nothing about Ms. Hagerty other than she had a pleasant demeanor and was talkative. Gore told investigators the allegations were causing pain for him and his family and stated he was 'completely baffled' by Ms. Hagerty s statements. Mr. Gore stated he had no recollection of a phone call from Ms. Hagerty following the massage.

Two more massage therapists have since come forward claiming former Gore asked them to do sexually inappropriate acts, according to the National Enquirer, which broke the original story about Hagerty. The paper reported that massage therapists in Beverly Hills and Tokyo claimed that Gore asked for more than a standard massage.

In Portland, investigators have concluded Hagerty's report is not appropriate for criminal prosection and the matter is closed.

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