PORTLAND, Ore. -- Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton surprised county commissioners Thursday morning by withdrawing an expected request for $242,000 in additional funding to pursue the Kyron Horman investigation. Stayton tabled the request until October, and actually announced the Sheriff's office would return about $900,000 to county coffers from savings in the previous fiscal year.

County Commission Chair Jeff Cogan praised the Sheriff's fiscal management at the meeting.

A child has been missing for six weeks. Everyone is focused on finding him and bringing him home, Cogen said. I respect all of the hard work the Sheriff s Office and the District Attorney s Office have done to get to the bottom of this case. This was not a tough decision; we are going to give them the resources they need to solve this case.

District Attorney Michael Schrunk also spoke at the meeting. Schrunk did submit the DA's office request for $196,000 for a deputy D.A. and a limited-time investigator to continue the Kyron Horman investigation.

Schrunk said we are confident of a good resolution (in the Kyron Horman case), and legally.

A draft request had indicated the sheriff and DA would seek nearly a half-million in additional funding for the Horman investigation.

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To date this investigation has generated over 3,000 leads that fill up 38 four-inch binders which continually need to be followed up on as this case continues, investigators noted in their request.

There have been no suspects or persons of interest named since Kyron disappeared from Skyline Elementary on June 4. The boy's father Kaine Horman has accused his estranged wife Terri-Moulton Horman of plotting to have him killed and having a sexual affair. Over the weekend, he had Terri evicted from their NW Portland home.

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Investigators said hundreds of pages of records in the case required a full-time lead investigator, two detectives and an investigative technician.

If the investigation were to conclude during this time then the limited duration position would also end, the request noted. With a dozen staff and well over 1,200 man-hours through July 9th, the office is in it for the long haul. But this does take much needed resources away from working other cases that routinely come into the D.A.'s Office.

The mention of resources to possibly prosecute the case were also noted in the request.

If and when an arrest is made the continues (sic) for the D.A.'s Office through the trial and penalty phases and will also require resources to coordinate the thousands of documents associated with the case.

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