PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland police released hundreds of pages of documents Tuesdayfrom the investigation into a recent deadly officer-involved shooting.

They include interviews with officers, investigators and witnesses surrounding the May 12 shooting that left 25-year-old Keaton Otis dead after he shot a Portland officer.

Police radio recordings released revealed the injured officer calling for help.

Shots fired, shots fired, an officer can be heard saying. We might have multiple officers shot ... we have one suspect in the car, we're going to need an ambulance.

VIDEO:Neighbor records deadly shooting
According police, it all started with a traffic stop near Lloyd Center. Investigators said Otis wouldn't comply. Police tried to taser the driver and pull him from the car. Detectives said he broke loose, grabbed a semi-automatic pistol from the glove box and shot officer Christopher Burley twice in the legs. Police returned fire, killing Otis.

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Burley told detectives he was assisting the two other officers after they had called for help during the traffic stop. Burley said he was holding Otis by the arm through the car window, but let go as police began to deploy the taser after the driver yelled at them and his eyes got really big.

Otis was tumbling or twisting towards the glove compartment and reached for a CrownRoyal bag when someone screamed gun! the report states.

Burley said he heard two pops, then felt a burning pain, and he realized he was shot and called dispatchers to say he'd been hit.

Burley was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for his injuries. He was expected to return to work in early June.

The officer told dispatchers there was no outstanding threat and that Otis was down, but still moving. A total of 32 shots were fired by three officers, detectives said Otis was hit 23 times.

In a press conference with Mayor SamAdams on Tuesday, Chief Mike Reese said what the officers were initially trying to do was to prevent a pursuit through city streets.

The gun found near Otis had been reported stolen in a 2006 burglary in Milwaukie, detectives said.

Also in the reports, the suspect's parents said they had tried to getOtis help after he was diagnosed with a mood disorder.

Otis' parents said he had recently stopped taking medication.

A grand jury cleared the officers of any criminal wrongdoing.

The police chief and the mayor planned on holding a press conference to comment on the shooting.

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(KGWReporter Kyle Iboshi contributed to this report)

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