PORTLAND, Ore. -- Two juvenile Red-tail hawks took their first flight from their nest outside a downtown Portland office building on Memorial Day and, just like last year, their first days away from the nest have included some drama.

Tuesday morning, the day after that first flight, one of the juvenile hawks was found on a sidewalk on Burnside near Broadway.

Someone took the hawk inside the building and called the Audubon Society. The hawk was taken to the Audubon Society where it was banded for identification and was getting a full check-up before being released.

Thousands have been following the development of the juvenile hawks on the KGW / Audubon Raptor Cam, a live webcam aimed at the hawk nest. The younglings had been flapping their wings and hopping around the nest for the past week but finally took flight on Monday, May 31.

PHOTOS: Red-tails spotted in flight

According to Bob Sallinger of the Audubon Society, the adult Red-tail hawks were also quite active, moving back and forth between nearby buildings.

The parents will stay close to their young, Sallinger reported in the Raptor Cam blog. In addition, the young hawks have had nearly seven weeks to study the surrounding landscape from their nest so they shouldn't have any trouble finding their way home. Even if they fly some distance on their first flight - there are plenty of landmarks to guide them.

Sallinger noted that the next few weeks could be quite adventurous for the young hawks.

(Last year) the birds had quite a series of misadventures ranging from flying into windows to wandering into a hotel lobby, noted Sallinger.

Fans of the Raptor Cam can follow their adventures in flight on the Raptor Cam blog. The birds also return to the nest from time to time during the first weeks after flight.

Click here to view Live Raptor Cam.

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