PGE installing 900 solar panels

PORTLAND -- Portland General Electric has rolled out its largest solar project ever in the Pacific Northwest.

Hundreds of solar panels are being installed on top of three Prologis warehouses.


Once installed, the 900 panels will produce up to 1.1 megawatts of electricity -- enough to power 100 Portland homes.

All the electricity produced on these rooftops will go straight into the grid.

PGE says this is a major step toward its goal of supplying 25 percent of its energy from renewable resources by 2025.

"We need new energy resources for the future and solar is a clean, renewable energy. Our customers like that. And as we look to a growing service territory, learning about solar power and how we can integrate it with our other resources is very important," PGE chief executive Peggy Fowler said.

This is also the first time these thin-film solar panels will be used in Oregon.

Some think Oregon doesn't get enough sun for solar power to make a significant contribution; however, PGE says that's a misconception.

The utility says Portland receives as much sun, on average, as other American cities.

PGE says the panels will be generating power as early as December.

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