Recycling program 'too successful'

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The state's new Electronics Recycling Program, nearly 5 months old, has proven to be "too successful," prompting manufacturers to ask Oregonians to slow down.

The program began Jan. 1 of this year and allows Oregonians to recycle old electronics for free. The problem: so many people are doing it recycling centers are getting over-loaded with junk.

Old electronics are piling up at collection sights across the state, s ome at nearly double the rate the state had estimated. Electronics manufacturers, which have to pay for all that recycling, say they did not budget for this e-cycling boom.

Manufacturers have asked collectors, including Goodwill Industries, to try and slow down their efforts.

"They did not anticipate the levels that would come in and some of the plans have already met their year-long commitment for the program," said Bill Goman with Goodwill Industries.

State regulators said they will work with manufacturers in the future to ensure the E-Cycling program has an adequate budget.

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