VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver woman who moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma in early June is still waiting for the movers she hired to deliver her stuff.

Lana Hong says her experience with Trans United Moving out of Broward county, Florida has been a nightmare.

They kept on giving me excuses, she said.

Trans United loaded up Lana s belongings in Tulsa on June 7th. They were supposed to be delivered to her new home in Vancouver June 18th.

Now, nearly a month later, she s still waiting.

My bed, my couch, but then there s things they have that you just can t even put a price on.

She said the excuses kept coming: It s going to be here in a couple days. It s going to be here next week. We re going to start loading it this weekend.

On Wednesday, her home was empty. She eats off paper plates and sleeps on an air mattress. This, while starting her new job.

She only had the few clothes she brought to Vancouver, so she s had to buy new clothes for work too.

Hong said when she contacted Trans United to ask about the location of her belongings, they told her it was currently sitting in a storage unit in the Dallas area, but they would not give her an exact location.

They told me that I would have to pay the full moving cost, the full delivery moving cost in order to get the location, she said.

Hong had already paid Trans United about three thousand dollars.

Trans United promises Moving Made Easy with moving specialists who are trained professionals with many years of experience.

Hong says that has not been evident in her dealings with the company. The last conversation I had, the lady hung-up on me.

So Hong called KGW. And we decided to call Trans United to get some answers for Lana about where her stuff was and when she could expect it to be delivered.

They did not hang-up on us, but Trans United did put us on hold for several minutes, until a representative finally told us they had some problems with the Northwest route.

Here's what they representative said: It s not just our company right now, every moving company is having issues with the Northwest route. But actually as we speak, her belongings are being loaded onto a truck at the warehouse and her belongings should be to her, I would say in about three to four days she should have her belongings in Washington.

Trans United also told KGW they were sorry for the delays and promised they would actually credit Lana if her stuff is delivered later than the 30 business days after the original due date.

If we do extend beyond that 30 business days that s stated in her contract then she will receive a per diem discount on her bill, they promised.

The fine print on the back of Lana s contract does outline a delay policy that says the company is granted 30 business days after the original delivery date due to unforeseen circumstances. For Lana, that could mean more waiting. I regret not noticing the red flags sooner, she said.

Since Trans United told us Lana could expect her belongings in 3 to 4 days, we plan on being there when the delivery is made. If and when it s made.

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