NEWPORT, Ore. An argument between two men escalated into a sword-fight, of sorts, with a machete and an AK-47 rifle in Newport Sunday, police said.

The fight broke out in a residence at 1523 NW Nye Street just after 5 p.m., according to witnesses.

Police said Juan Bruno-Antonio, 29, and Juan Lopes-Sanchez, 28, both of Newport, had a disagreement and then pulled out the weapons a short time later.

The two separated, but Bruno-Antonio retrieved a machete, returned to the room, and confronted Lopes-Sanchez, said Sgt.Tony Garbarino with the Newport Police Department.

Witnesses told police that Bruno-Antonio swung the machete at the other man several times and then Lopes-Sanchez pulled out his AK-47 rifle, to deflect the strikes.

After multiple strikes, the machete was dislodged from Bruno-Antonio s hand and fell to the floor, where it was picked up by another tenant and removed from the house, Garbarino said.

The AK-47 was loaded, but shots were never fired. Police said Bruno-Antonio was also drunk when the fight occurred and started punching Lopez-Sanchez after the weapons were gone.

Police arrested Bruno-Antonio on several charges, including assault, menacing, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. His bail was set at $137,500.

Police said Bruno-Antonio also tried to kick his way out of the patrol car, causing about $300 damage.

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