PORTLAND-- If you think it was hot when you stepped outside, imagine what it feels like working in the sweltering heat on sweltering pavement.

It s what a lot of people had to do on Tuesday, an unusually hot day.

Construction workers with CANV/NC Construction worked a 10-hour day, so they can get Friday the 4th off. They were prepared for the sweltering heat.

We're drinking lots of water, trying to stay out of the sun as much as possible, said Daniel Mead.

We talk about staying hydrated, we talk about watching out for people next to you, added supervisor Tom Clark. If they get light headed, it could be the first sign of sunstroke. We always wear a hat, and sometimes take a wet handkerchief and put it on the back of your neck.

Crews were also hard at work setting up for the upcoming Waterfront Blues Festival. Boats were already lined up in the Willamette River to get that front row view of the festivities.

But a warning for anyone heading out onto the river: Not only is the water still extremely cold, river levels are pretty high right now which means the current is very strong.

If I were to jump in right now, I would end up downstream and away from my boat, explained Lt Travis Gullberg with the MCSO River Patrol. That s why we always suggest even if you re going to go in the water and swim, wear a life vest.

In addition, the recent storms have knocked a bunch of debris into the rivers. River patrol warned that some of those debris pieces have been big enough to do some serious damage to boats.

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