This Sunday will be Jimmy Fallon s first Father s Day. To celebrate, he honored dads with a special dance on Thursday night s episode of The Tonight Show.

To do the honors, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined in. The two dads explored The Evolution of Dad Dancing, featuring classic dad moves like Don t Make Me Turn This Car Around, and Oh, Stop It! I m Not Embarrassing You!

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The pair also joked about Christie s Bridgegate scandal, with the last dance being called the This Bridge Is Closed.

We ll have to wait a few years to find out if these moves embarrassed his 10-month-old daughter, Winnie.

And in honor of Fallon s first Father s Day, People Magazine put him and Winnie on this week s cover.

The adorable cover features the dad and daughter wearing matching suits and ties (though it seems Fallon didn t get the memo to wear a flower on his head!).

Inside the magazine, Fallon talks about becoming a dad and the host of The Tonight Show in the same year. He also discusses the years he and his wife struggled with infertility.

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