Portland -- Smart phones are everywhere. If you look around, everyone it seems to have one.

But the fact is, everyone doesn't have a smart phone. That's why thieves might want to steal yours.

Phones have value, said Sgt. Pete Simpson. I mean, there's a resale market for these phones. There's data on these phones that some people could get access to.

Coleman Remington used his smart phone as he waited for the Max train in downtown Portland. He knows his is a target.

It's almost as much as a computer, Remington said. And you have them out always and like, I know for me, I carry it around on the MAX, someone could really quickly grab it.

And yet he let a stranger, a young woman, borrow it on the train.

I'll was watching her, Remington said. I actually was thinking in my mind, I'm gonna grab her back pack if she tries to leave with my phone.

She did not rip him off but that's a classic approach for thieves who take your phone and run.

Other times, victims like Hope Devitt, who sells jewelry downtown, set their phone down and look away.

I looked over to grab something I looked back, the guy's gone, my cell phone's gone, she said.

You can take simple steps to keep your phone safe. Police say you should pay attention to your surroundings, protect your phone with a password and download one of the many apps that will find it and back up your personal information.

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