PORTLAND -- It's been a busy spring for Portland's gang enforcement team. The number of reported shootings is up compared to this time last year.

Now, a Portland bar that's had it's share of gang-related problems is trying something different to curb the violence.

Magoo's Bar and Grill now has a drinking age of 26 and over.

It took me a while to get the 26 and over. I had to go through OLCC and make sure it's legal for us, said bar manager Jerry Roberts.

Officials with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission said that if a bar wants to raise the drinking age to something stricter than state law, they have every right to do that.

My understanding is there have been some issues that have affected public safety and this is an attempt to help curb those problems, said Shannon Hoffeditz, Public Safety Manager with the OLCC.

Portland police official say a handful of Portland bars have raised the drinking age in the past.

OLCC officials say it's hard to know whether or not it's an effective strategy.

The bar I'm familiar with that raised it's drinking age is no longer in business, so I don't know whether it was effective, said Hoffeditz.

Roberts believes the higher drinking age is already making things safer for his employees and customers.

We get the young trouble makers out and have the older crowd in here that just want to come in and have a good time, said Roberts.

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