EDDYVILLE, Ore. Two Oregon State University students are dead after a car went off of Highway 20 in Eddyville and went into a river Sunday.

Abigail Patricia Emerson, 21, was driving her Chevrolet Impala and reportedly lost control on a curve on Highway 20, nearly hitting another vehicle just after 11 a.m., according to Oregon State Police.

The Impala fishtailed, rolled off the highway and rolled into the Yaquina River, police said.

Witnesses were unable to get to Emerson and her passenger, 24-year-old Christopher J. Kazanski. Police found them both unconscious and they were pronounced dead after being taken to a Corvallis hospital.

Both were OSU students. Emerson was from Roseburg, Ore. and Kazanski was from Madison, Wisc.

The curve the SUV drove off of was notoriously dangerous, according to Dave Morgan of Lincoln County News.

It s a long and banked curve that has seen many accidents in its day, Morgan said.

The crash was under investigation.

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