PORTLAND- Columbia is always looking for a perfect fit. It believes its found it in the Prana clothing line.

Prana is a Sanskrit name for a life force breath, said Ron Parham, senior director of corporate communications for Columbia Sportswear.

Prana is Columbia's newest acquisition and largest ever at $190 million.

This brings the total number of companies under the Columbia umbrella to five. They include Columbia Sportswear, Sorel, Mountain Hardware, and Montrail, and now Prana.

Prana started started 21 years ago in Colorado.It is now headquartered in Carlsbad, California where the 165 current employees will remain.

The purchase of Prana expands Columbia's clothing options.

Some of our existing brands may not be as relevant in yoga or climbing or some of those pursuits, said Parham. This get us into a part of their closet and their daily activities.

About 70 percent of Prana's clothing is geared toward women. Twenty percent of Prana's clothing is made in the USA. There are five Prana retail outlets, in Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Boulder and Minneapolis.

With Columbia's worldwide distribution network, the plan is to expand Prana's brand over time.

The purchase is expected to close in June.

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