EUGENE, Ore. -- Police in Eugene, Ore., say three people have been hit by 4-inch darts shot from a dark-colored SUV in separate attacks this month.

The Register-Guard reportsthat police spokesman John Hankemeier says none of the victims was seriously hurt.

They included two pedestrians and a bicyclist.

Police say a 51-year-old man was struck in the stomach April 1 as he waited at a bus stop.

Hankemeier says the dart pierced the man's skin but he refused medical attention.

On April 16, another male pedestrian was walking home when he was hit in the leg by a dart.

On April 17, a male bicyclist had stopped and bent over to tie a shoe when he was hit in the left buttock.

In Washington state, police arrested a young man in two January instances of blow darts shot at people in the Pullman area.

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