PORTLAND The man suspected of urinating into a Mt. Tabor reservoir, causing the city to drain around 38 million gallons of drinking water, has been excluded from the park for 30 days.

Dallas Delynn, 18, allegedly peed into Mt. Tabor Reservoir Number 5 on Wednesday around 1:30 a.m., according to Portland police.

Delynn and two other teens, Daniel McDonald and Trey McDaniel, were trespassing in the Southeast Portland park, police said.

Background: City flushes 38 million gallons after man urinates in Tabor reservoir

A security cameracaught Delynn peeing through a fence into the reservoir.Soon after, the other two men tried to scale the fence and one entered the reservoir, according to water bureau administrator David Shaff.

Delynn, McDonald and McDaniel were all cited for trespassing.They were punished by being excluded from entering Mt Tabor park for 30 days.

They were not excluded from entering other city parks, including other parks with drinking water reservoirs.

No other punishments have been issued for the teens.

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