DUFUR, Ore. -- A family's perseverance and support from the community helped a 5-year-old Dufur girl win the battle to keep her pet rooster.

Ayla Macnab got her pet named Dallas in June of 2012, before the city of Dufur enacted a ban on roosters. Yet, he was still not grandfathered in.

Then, in February of 2014, a neighbor complained about Dallas and pushed for him to be banished.

Macnab's family responded with a campaign to get the rooster ban changed so Ayla could keep her beloved pet, who they said was not a nuisance, nor was he noisy. Other neighbors signed a petition which supported their claims.

The issue was presented to the city council for consideration and from there, it grew into a major talking point for the small farming community in the foothills of the Columbia River Gorge.

Finally, in April, a decision was made. The council voted to drop the rooster ban from the nuisance ordinance but said the noise portion of the law would remain intact. That means if someone files a noise complaint against Dallas or any other rooster inside city limits, it will be investigated.

It also means Dallas will not be banished at this time.

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Dufur Mayor Arthur Smith said he supports the change in the ordinance, after getting feedback from many Dufur citizens.

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